News Item Test 1

Are you a news junkie? Do you love current affairs? Or, is your favourite guilty pleasure indulging in the gossip section of a glossy magazine? (No judgement…)

Wherever your interests lie — whether you’re a 20-something Instagram addict who remembers what One Direction wore at last year’s Grammys, or your idea of up-to-the-minute highlights is the latest interest rate rise, popular news items are a great source of content marketing inspiration.

Why? Because combining a hot topic, popular event, current

affairs or current theme into your content is a fun (and often funny) way to drive discussions with customers that fall outside of your normal conversation sphere.

Of course, some obvious targets for jokes and parodies are celebrities and reality shows, but really, there is no limit to what you can use as inspiration.

Anything and everything that demands our attention is a potent and potential source.

This could be a story about health, entertainment, tech, travel, sport, business, property, dating, fashion, TV shows, movies, books or award ceremonies. Or, perhaps Pokémon GO trends, Tinder announcements, the Rio Olympics, the latest in selfies, upcoming Apple iPhone releases, or any news related to Donald Trump. Anything goes.

Whatever news makes people buzz can be used to create content to help your brand buzz online