Moovly extends Google Suite integration

VANCOUVER, CANADA — (May 16, 2019) Moovly Media Inc. (TSX VENTURE: MVY) (OTC: MVVYF) (FRANKFURT: 0PV2) (“Moovly” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has launched an integration with Google GSheets, a spreadsheet program included as part of the web-based software office suite offered by Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL). This integration gives all Moovly customers access to the Application Programming Interface (API) Automator without having to do any custom development to produce masses of video.

As a direct response to customer requests, Moovly has developed the ability for customers to mass produce videos via data in a Google GSheet, making it possible to create large volumes of videos and then download or publish them to social media channels without any engineering effort. This integration is yet another example of the ease with which Moovly, customers and 3rd parties can use the API Automator to produce masses of product videos.

Database driven video production is suitable for companies seeking to produce a unique video for each and every product, such as e-commerce sites, real estate agencies, consumer goods, or electronic components.

Brendon Grunewald, Co-Founder and CEO of Moovly, commented: “It’s encouraging to see the increase in large companies approaching us to help them solve their challenge to produce ever increasing numbers of video content. Whether that be via templates used in our Quick Edit forms to large volumes of video content based on product data. Think of this as Mail Merge for Video – just like you can produce personalized emails to each client, you can now personalize videos per client, per product, and so on. Given that millions of businesses use Google’s GSuite to store data, this integration means we can offer this as a standard feature to all customers

The result being a large number of consistently branded videos, each customized to an individual product or customer (think personalized greetings, invitations, update videos).

Customers looking to produce videos in volume via their own databases, especially if those videos need to be automatically updated when the data updates, should contact us, as this is achievable via a custom Automator.

For more information and demo of how this works, please visit the Moovly Video Automator page.

  1. Client or Moovly makes a suitable template in the Moovly Studio editor, identifying which elements are fixed and which will be replaced by the Automator.
  2. Client selects a Google GSheet which contains the relevant data to be fed into the template to produce a video.
  3. Moovly’s Automator merges the template with the data in the Google GSheet producing a video per row of data in the sheet.
  4. The resulting video can then be published to a cloud-based storage solution (such as Google GDrive, DropBox,, or Microsoft’s OneDrive) or social media including Google’s Youtube or Vimeo etc.
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