Gold/Dow Breaks Trendline

The Dow / Gold Ratio Broke a trend-line in past few weeks that could be signaling that Gold could be trending higher against the Dow Jones Industrial Index in the next 18 months to 2 years. An Example might be a ratio of 10 or the Dow at 20,000 and Gold at $2000.00 ( a new all time high in USD)=’s 10 Conversely, if the Dow went to 30,000 and Gold went to $3000 the Ratio would = 10 not a prediction but an observation What I found interesting was in the mid seventies Gold corrected from ~$200.00 to ~$100.00 the Dow/Gold ratio went up ~260% as it did again from the 2012 lows into mid 2019 but over a longer period – John